Our conferences

Our conferences are currently held on average twice a year. A summer edition and an Esther edition (winter). 

Below you will find an outline of what our program looks like. 

Program setup

Each of our conferences is different from the previous one, but in general you can expect the following program elements: 

  • A daily Eucharistic celebration 
  • Praise with worship music 
  • Teachings from (inter)national speakers 
  • Time for prayer, rest and reflection 

The conference is focused on practice, both in the teachings and in other program components. You will be activated during the week and challenged to take steps in faith.  

Furthermore, it is important to know that the conference will have a charismatic character. 

Difference Between Esther Editions and Summer Editions

Our Esther editions are 3-day conferences and are generally given in the winter period.  
Our summer editions are 8-day conferences and are generally held at the end of July. 

How can you sign up?

To register for our upcoming conference, visit our registration page.

Vragen over onze conferenties?

Contact us. On the page What is Bidden en Vasten RK? you will find information about what prayer and fasting means. 

Our conferences