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From February 17 to 19, 2023, the second Bidden en Vasten RK Esther conference will be held.

This weekend the theme will be: Back to your First Love

We will take three days to go into depth with the Lord Jesus. Taking time for deepening, prayer and encounter with Jesus, staying in His Presence. He is our greatest Treasure and our only Hope for the future! Connect with others in prayer and fasting.

The conference will be held in Willibrordushuis in The Hague.

Participation costs are €65 per person for the whole weekend.

For whom?

Everyone is welcome at our conferences. Believer or non-believer, Catholic or Protestant, it doesn’t matter. With us, everyone who wants to experience more of God is welcome! 

We do have a minimum age of 16 years. Also, anyone under the age of 18 needs permission from their parents/guardians. 

days until the conference

The program

Each of our conferences is different from the last, but in general you can expect the following program components: 

  • A daily Eucharistic celebration 
  • Praise and worship music 
  • Teachings from (inter)national speakers 
  • Time for prayer, rest and reflection 

The conference is focused on practice, both in the teachings and in other program components. You will be activated during the week and challenged to take steps in faith.  

Furthermore, it is important to know that the conference will have a charismatic character. 

Impression of previous conferences

Do you want an impression of what our conferences look like?  Then take a look at our archive . Here you will find photos and reports from previous conferences. 


Of course, fasting is also part of our conferences. 

During the entire conference there are no meals and so we eat nothing at all. We do drink water, tea, broth and fruit juices. 

If you’ve never fasted this may seem very hard, but we can assure you it is much easier than you might expect. 

Of course it can happen that you occasionally have to eat something for medical reasons. In this case you can also simply participate in our conference. If you already know this in advance, please indicate this when you register, so that we can take this into account. 

Read the experiences of others!

You can also read the experiences of people who have participated before on our experiences page . Here you can read about how God’s presence has been experienced by participants. 

Any questions?

Check out our FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions page . On this page we have already answered the most frequently asked questions for you. So there is a good chance that your question is also listed here!

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At the end of July I took part in the Bidden en Vasten RK conference for the first time. This was a really nice experience for me. First of all, I was very impressed with how difficult fasting was. To put it briefly: I think I really experienced the Acts of the Apostles live this week, that was very nice. My faith in God, especially in the will of God to act in the here and now, has grown in this week.

Rector Jeroen de Wit

Participant Bidden en Vasten RK SUMMER EDITION 2022

For me this was the 2nd summer conference and it definitely surpassed last year for my feeling. God has set us (all) on fire for Him. There was so much joy to see and feel. We have danced before God and with each other, and sung to Him, praised Him. It really felt like heaven on earth for a brief moment. It gave me so much strength and hope for the future, and still does now that I think back on it.

Ruben Stolker

Participant Bidden en Vasten RK SUMMER EDITION 2022

During this incredible week God did a lot of great things in my life. I met amazing people, which are like family for me now. I experienced the Awesome Living God in my life like never before. 
My intimacy with Jesus is growing day by day after this week. God healed my soul, my wounds from the past, and after many years my legs are equal. I also believe and know, that the process of healing from the bone cancer has started there. He gave me Mattheus 17;21.

Karolina Basinska

Participant Bidden en Vasten RK SUMMER EDITION 2022

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