About us

Who are we?

We are the main team of Bidden and Vasten RK. We are committed to organizing prayer and fasting conferences throughout the year. In addition to the main team, there are several sub-teams, such as the worship team, pastorate and the intercession team . 

Wouter de Brie

Shalom, my name is Wouter and I am 20 years old. I am married and I love Jesus very much! I've been with the team since its inception, and I'm currently the president of the team and the foundation. There have been some really cool things happening at the conferences and a lot more to come! My tasks in the team include pastoral care and I am the contact person.

Sam Jansen

Hello, I'm Sam, 24 years old and I come from Den Bosch. Five years ago, God changed my life with a touch of His love. Since then I have had a fire and passion to serve God and make His name great. Within the team I am committed to the program, pastoral care and I also manage the website. I am also the secretary of the foundation.

Daniël de Kruijf

My name is Daniël, 22 years old and I come from Schoonhoven. After participating in the conference in 2020 as a participant, I joined the team. Within the team I am the man of Technology and ICT. My main job is to keep track of the finances as the treasurer of the foundation. I am also the head of marketing, the graphic designer and recruiter.

Yvonne Carroll

My name is Yvonne and I participated twice in Bidden en Vasten RK and thought it was a special experience. The Love of God was tangible. This year I joined the team and I really enjoy organizing this conference with young people. My tasks include pastoral care, translation and the prayer team!

Father Michał Tabak

My name is Michał and I am from Poland. I am a priest in the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SCJ). I have been living in the Netherlands for nine months now. I am learning the language, meeting people and trying to spread the Good News - JESUS. I participated in Praying and Fasting RC in 2022. Now I want to share my spiritual and pastoral experience with the team and help during the conferences.

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