About us

Our goal

The Bidden en Vasten RK Foundation was established with different goals in mind. On this page you will find more about our goals, and how we want to achieve them. 

As a foundation we have three main goals:  
1. Personal growth (people get to know Jesus personally and develop an intimate relationship with Him)  
2. Fasting and prayer (people discover the power of fasting in combination with prayer)  
3. The Holy Spirit (people become familiar with the workings of the Holy Spirit and allow more of the Holy Spirit into their lives) 

Other spearheads we have are:  
1. Young people (everyone is welcome at our conferences young and old, but we believe that young people are the future of the Church)  
2. The Catholic Church (as a Catholic organization we are committed to flourishing and renewal into the church so that the fire returns in Catholic communities) 

The foundation is also a non-profit, which means that making a profit is not one of our goals. Yet we also have fixed costs that we have to pay and organizing our conferences and other activities is not free.  
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Read more about our goals below. 

Personal growth

In the first instance, our goal is to let as many people as possible get to know God, both unbelievers and believers. Everyone deserves to get to know God and experience God’s love. We organize several conferences for this every year. At these conferences we give teachings, we have times of prayer and much more. Our conferences are designed to provide each participant with a solid foundation on which to build further, both in the form of knowledge and experience, as well as offering spiritual help and building a community to support and educate each other. building, even after the conference. > Read more about our conferences here 

Fasting and prayer

Of course, the power of fasting (in combination with prayer) is also one of the things we want to make people passionate about. Many people think of fasting as extreme hunger and already say, “No, thanks!” at the idea. We also want to let those people know that fasting is so much more than just not eating, and how much grace fasting entails. We want to realize this through our conferences, but also especially by sharing the experiences of people who have already fasted, in order to inspire people and to make known among Christians the power that comes from fasting. More information about fasting 
By fasting you have more time for prayer, and by consciously making this time for God you get to know Him better. You learn more about who God is and how He helps you. You learn how great God is, and how great is his love for you. You become better able to hear His voice, in order to better distinguish what is good and bad. The power of the Holy Spirit is released in your life. God’s light begins to shine on your life and everything that is not of God comes to light. This is the power of fasting and prayer. 

The Holy Spirit

Also one of our main goals is to make people acquainted with the working of the Holy Spirit. Often for many Christians the Holy Spirit is still a great unknown to them. They do believe that it is some kind of ‘power’, but they don’t know much about it. We believe it is essential to allow the Holy Spirit into your life. At our conference we provide clear explanations about the workings of the Holy Spirit and how people can allow more of the Holy Spirit into their lives. Themes about the Holy Spirit that are discussed include: the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12). We also like to take participants along practically and it is not just an explanation. 

Young people

As a foundation, we are open to anyone who wants to learn about the faith, both believers and non-believers, youngor old, it doesn’t matter. But as a target group, the foundation mainly focuses on attracting young people. In today’s society, being a believer, and above all remaining a believer, is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially for teenagers / young people the social and social pressure is often great, as a result of which many of them distance themselves more and more from the faith and eventually lose it. Despite the fact that our society has become more and more accepting in terms of personal convictions in recent years, we see that many young people are losing faith. We also see this in the churches, where fewer and fewer young people are coming. And because this generation is so important for the future of the church, we focus mainly on young people. 

The Catholic Church

The RC in our name stands for Roman Catholic. We are therefore a Catholic organization. For example, at our conferences Catholic themes such as saints are discussed, but we also celebrate Holy Mass every day at our conferences, as they are also held in the Catholic Church. Another goal of our foundation is therefore the growth and, above all, the flourishing of the Catholic Church and the return of the fire in the church communities.  

At the moment, more and more churches are closing because too few people come to church. And the people who go often go to church just because they’re used to doing it, but if you ask them who God is to them, they often don’t know how to answer. Some don’t even believe anymore, but keep coming for the ‘atmosphere’. There are more and more ‘lukewarm’ Catholics like this, and we want to bring about a change in this. We want to get our churches full again, especially full of Christians who really come before God and know Him intimately. People who don’t just experience the faith for an hour on Sunday, but at every moment of their lives.  

One of the ways to realize this bloom for us is through our conferences. At our conferences we try to spread the beauty of the Church and the Holy Mass. But we try this mainly through our participants themselves. We give our participants not only a basis to build up their personal faith, but also a basis from which they can fan the fire for God in people in their own environment and church community.  


The foundation is also a non-profit, which means that making a profit is not one of our goals. Yet we also have fixed costs that we have to pay, and organizing our conferences and other activities is not free. In order to be able to cover these costs, these costs are deducted from the participation fee of our conferences.  

As a non-profit, the board members of the foundation are not paid, but our team members and other employees are not paid either: everyone works on a voluntary basis. Our board members, team members and employees do receive a discount on the participation fee for attending our conferences as a compensation for the work they perform for the foundation. 

Money that we receive from donations and sponsors is reserved for purchasing items such as flyers and gifts to speakers. But this money is also used to meet people who want to come to our conferences, but can’t afford it. The more donations we get, the more people can come to our conferences.  

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